Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kerri's Awesome Halloween party

 I LOVE Halloween...frankly there is no better Holiday to exist in the entire world (don't argue with me I'm right here). So anyhow...I run a Memory Care Community, and as I am the Brave Leader at such a place, I absolutely insist that my staff wear costumes on Halloween (and let's be honest...many other Holidays...or in our case, just random events throughout the year).

There will never be a day when I will say that costumes aren't appropriate (and if that day comes...something is terribly wrong and you should be concerned). So...most of these costumes featured below were designed by myself, and forced amicably (if there is such a thing) on my staff to wear...and let's be honest, they look pretty happy in the pictures, and you can tell when that's not genuine!

I stick with a Woodland Theme for my makes it easy for anyone to purchase a pair of wings and come to work with an affordable costume...and most Woodland Animals (real or mythical) are identifiable to the children who come in and Trick-or-Treat...and lastly, the residents love it. It's a fun theme that they can relate to, and laugh at (trust's been worse...we've all been Strawberry Shortcake Characters before...and that's much harder to pull off...I will have to find day I will.)
Cassady the Adorable Pixie

Thao the Beautiful Swan with her Woodland Friend

Joy The Elegant Black Crow
Cheryl the Graceful Unicorn
The Mushroom...Because what Woodland doesn't have at least one...Worn by a Visiting Hospice Nurse

Andrew the Dastardly Lumberjack (there has to be a villain)
Jillian the Prettiest Bunny

The Bunny and Gnome Girl are Friends (and Dorks)
Kerri the Gnome Girl tries out winking

Group Photo of the Best Woodland Themed Halloween Costumes Ever!

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