Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bicycle Race

So...obviously music is the only way I can relate to the this is a small little scrapbook that has been handmade ( obvious thank you to my mom for this suggestion and help in making the book). I was If you haven't guessed by now, then you likely don't know the song (as it is the title of my blog). No worries, there is always time for a formal education with what consists of "good" music by my definition...just continue to check out my blog (kidding of course). So this song is by none other than Queen...and I think it's very fitting. I first heard this song way back when I was still in High School...and just to clarify, the song was new to me...but not newly released. So at this point in the blog, I'm just going to have to give you the pass to start singing along, because honestly it's way too hard not to at this point. "BICYCLE, BICYCLE...I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike. I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride it where I like!"

I am lucky to be on a design team for Dutch Paper Crafts...being on that design team is what makes these "paper thingies" possible (and apparently links me to my musical childhood as well...both of which I'm incredibly grateful for).

This book was made with the following: My mom's assistance, Memory Box Products such as Bicycle Built for Two (98545), and Resting Birds (98527); Cheery Lynn's Lace strip (B136); and I used a Fiskars punch for the pennants and some twine...and of course paper to create everything else!

I Like Birds

"If you're small and on a perch, I've got a feeder for you to perch on...I like birds," thank you to Eels for such a fun song to listen and whistle to. I'd like to say that they are what inspired my card...however it would have been more fitting if I'd just named it after the Beetles "Blackbird" song...I only added colored birds at the suggestion of my many thanks to her because it did make this card much lovelier with the addition of more birds in a variety of colors.

So now that you know the background now when you see this image, you can sing both of these songs in the back of your head...and if you happen to be singing the song by the Eels...well, I'm not sure how at that point in your day you can't be having the best day ever...because that song is like that it makes you happy and simulates the feeling of having the best day ever. If it so happens that you choose to sing Blackbird by the's still a great day, just on a much more even-keeled laid back sort of way (which is equally good!)

This card was made for Dutch Paper this point I'm certain you all know that I am lucky enough to be on their design team.

I used the following things when creating this card:  Memory Box: Resting Birds (98527), and Grand Oak Tree (98462), and Set of Swings (98463)...of course I like to use random scraps of paper, so that is what most of the paper is...and naturally corrugated cardboard to make the card feel a bit more earthy.

Rainy Days and Mondays

Oddly enough as I sit here writing this post I am on is Monday evening and today was a rainy day. Fortunately I enjoy rainy days, however I thought that the Carpenter's song title would also be a fitting title to the name of my card. Luckily they are my mom's favorite band, and so I am effectively paying homage to her with this card (which she encouraged me to do something completely different from what I did...but without that encouragement I would not have created this at all.)

This card was made for Dutch Paper Crafts...I am fortunate enough to be on their team, and although my work is quite different from the other team members, I am hoping to draw in a different crowd so that everyone can see different ideas on how they will be able to use the wonderful products that are offered there.

This card was made using the following: Puffy Clouds (98172) die by Memory box, as well as True Blue Stickles (SGG29052), and Lifestyle Crafts 'Sketchbook' Embossing Folder (EF0021). The digital image on the front is by Milk Coffee.

Clowning Around

I'm super excited to have my first release for Dutch Paper Crafts and be a part of their design team. I had a lot of fun coming up with this design for them...albeit it is simple, however, the clown girl is a my own digital image, which you are welcome to save from this posting.

For this design I used scrap paper for the design, the digital image of the clown girl, which was drawn by me. As well as the following dies from Memory Box: Vintage Bicycle (98484), Resting Birds (98527), and Puffy Clouds (98172)