Friday, February 28, 2014

Jefrey with One 'F', One 'F 'Jefrey!

So, the title is lyrics from a song that i really enjoy by the Pixies called "Space (I Believe In)." So naturally whenever I think of Giraffes, I think of Geoffrey from Toy's R' Us (because that's the kid in me)...and I also think of work...but that's a longer story that doesn't actually relate to this card. I decided that for this embossing folder that I was going to use the giraffe image by A Day for Daisies, because it's cute and to be honest I really needed to come up with a design, and this seemed easy to me. So because it's a Giraffe, and Giraffes remind me of Geoffrey, I had this song stuck in my head the entire time (which really it is a fun song, you should listen to it).

So the concept, as mentioned earlier, was really that simple. I'm on the design team for Dutch Paper Crafts and this was created with an embossing folder from Lifestyle Crafts Chain package. You can see in the background is an embossed design made to look like a chain link fence. The brown paper was sanded down to help see the design better (and it looks better sanded in my opinion). The rest of the card was paper pieced together, and the image was colored with copic markers.

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