Friday, February 28, 2014

Lake Michigan

My inspiration for this card was the song "Lake Michigan" by Rogue Wave. As far as music groups go, I pretty much like all of their songs and since my family is from Michigan and I spent many summers camping in Holland and going to Lake Michigan this seemed like a good way to relate to the work that I'm creating and make it more personal and meaningful (in that it brings back pleasant memories that nobody would ever be able to see in the card itself).

This card concept is incredibly simple. My main goal was to create a scene of a girl at the lake. The paper was pieced together and the bottom piece was supposed to simulate sand, then water, then sky. So the blues were supposed to be a gradient from light to dark. The embossing folder was from Lifestyle Crafts and is from the Lattice group. I am on the design team for Dutch Paper Crafts, where you can purchase these embossing folders. I'm not sure why, but the lattice embossing folders reminded me of vintage designs that remind me of swimming (and I'm thinking specifically of the movie "How To Make An American Quilt" and some of the images from there that made me think of that). So it seemed natural to tie them back to a card based off a water theme.

The girl image is from A Day for Daisies and was colored using copic markers...I felt this image also went along with the theme of vintage swimmers, and really helped tie the card together, and the concept reminded me of the days I used to spend at Lake Michigan playing at the beach (although jumping in the waves was always much more fun than being on land).

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