Friday, February 28, 2014

Mermaid Avenue and Ingrid Bergman

So the blog title probably is confusing...Mermaid Avenue is an album by Billy Bragg and Wilco in which they sang the lyrics of Woody Guthrie's songs that had yet to be published. So Ingrid Bergman is the title of one of those songs (and also an actress). Anyhow, the mermaid in this reminds me of some of the lyrics from the song and the fact that the album is called Mermaid Avenue.

So the concept again is incredibly simple. I like to use my scrap paper, and the swirls were from some letters that I had cut out for a friend (so they were the negative pieces and were left over). I thought the swirls matched well with the embossing folder that I used. This is an embossing folder by Lifestyle Crafts and is in the Lattice Package. As discussed in another blog, these particular embossing folders remind me of vintage swimmers, etc. So it was natural to combine the swirl negative image, the mermaid, and the embossing folder to create this type of design. I wanted the card to have that vintage feel, so I used some silver paper for the embossing folder that has the feel of old glitter that has aged to get to that vintage looking color to it. Then the rest was just combining everything to work out together just right and of course some embellishments were used to simulate silver bubbles from the mermaid swimming.

The embossing folders are from Dutch Paper Crafts, which I am a design team member of. The image was from A Day for Daisies, and was colored with copic markers.

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