Friday, April 10, 2015

Say Yes

Elliott Smith is one of my favorites...I had the opportunity to see him once when I was with my brother at Glastonbury... He convinced me to see a terrible couple of other people (I'm so embarrassed by it that I'm not even going to mention who it was... So bad, seriously). Sadly I never had that opportunity again... But as I'm a big fan of his music I still listen... So say yes.

The next dress I made was for another friend for her birthday in February. She loves dogs (and I try to stick with themes... Because I'm a huge dork). So anyhow... I found this adorable pug fabric and picked the rest to make this adorable dress. I love it... And as of this point I still haven't given her this... Although it's been nicely wrapped up for her for months now! It's not just that I secretly adore this dress and want to keep it... After all it's a bit snug on me because I made it to fit her!

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