Monday, May 4, 2015

Part of your World

As a kid I was a huge little mermaid fan. I even somehow managed to convince my cousin to give me his little mermaid toy from McDonald's (I don't remember how... But I did. My skills of persuasion were better then).

I loved singing all of the songs... Now I'd rather not be part of your world... Just mine, but alas as you grow up that's not how things work.  Regardless. A friend asked me if I would help her with her daughters birthday party... And I'm not sure whose idea it was (it was probably mine... Because I'm like that). But we decided that all of the little kiddos should have mermaid skirts to wear. I don't have any pictures of the kiddos wearing them... Because I'm the strange childless adult at the party (awkward). But I did make a special skirt for her daughter. She got the blue one with scales whereas all of the other girls got a plain green one.

It was fun to make dreams reality. The mermaid theme was her daughters request after all!