Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hashtag by request

A friend and coworker recently came to me with a request. This particular friend has a side business of selling chocolate... She's a chocolatier... No scratch that... She's a dream maker!

Regardless... This past week she was in Chicago at a convention where she was presenting about how to use social media to help market and make sales (which is awesome by the way... And obviously I'm not the person to do that... I'm writing a blog instead of using snapchat... Clearly not hip in this area... But that's okay.)

So her request was simple. Could I make her a skirt with a hashtag on it... Also... I had less than a week... And she was presenting with a friend and could I make her one too... And me the person with a full time job that often works well over 40 hours a week said... Yeah of course. This is child's play, give me a real challenge! (And just to clarify... The conversation did not happen anything close to that...I said yes).

So this is what she got... And secretly (but less so now) I begged her to say something cheesy about how marketing via social media is even easier than clicking your Ruby red heels three times to get home. Hopefully that will make sense when you see the picture (and even more so if you know that I just might be one of the cheesiest people in the world... It works for me... Or at least it humors me!)

Love chocolate... Then check out her site. The peanut butter chocolate smoothie is a personal favorite... Although smoothie, the name itself, lends the idea that it's healthy. I'm going to stick with that assumption because it makes me feel better (even if I'm wrong!) www.mydcdsite.com/aschuler

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  1. Awesome, now you need to hashtag it too. LOL Or maybe my post will show up in google plus? Or share this on your FB page..