Friday, February 28, 2014

Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn

"Well, the hills are pretty and rollin' but the thorn is sharp and swollen. And the man plays a beautiful whistle but he wears a prickly thistle"...thank you to the White Stripes for inspiration for my latest card. I really struggled with how to use the embossing folders that I received from Dutch Paper Crafts and as many of you are aware, music is often my inspiration for creating things (because on my own, I'm not all that creative...thanks to the left side of my brain being slightly more dominant!) Anyhow, I actually chose this grouping of items based off of this particular embossing folder (however, this certainly isn't the strongest piece that I created for this group of cards).

So for this card, I pondered over what to do for a LOOOOONNNNGGGG time before I finally came up with this concept of two fancily dressed hedgehogs who rather like each other. So the hedgehogs are drawn by me, and the paper used in the background is really just scrap paper that I had laying around that I pieced together to create a patchwork background. The greenish yellow heart is actually from paper that I used during my wedding (which was many, many years ago...yes, i still had that hanging around). I used the Lifestyle Crafts Woodland embossing folder (thanks to Dutch Paper Crafts for Supplying me with this folder). It is utilized on the greenish yellow heart as well as the brown in the background (which was sanded to show off the embossing design more). Lastly I used a Mushroom Border Die by C.C. Designs along the bottom of the card to help create an eclectic woodland card.

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